Private Label dDNS

NexBloc has the full suite of services from SDK to APIs and your own admin dashboard to quickly launch a custom dDNS solution. See the VetCoin example below.

Multichannel Wallet

Multifactor has given way to Multichannel as the most secure way to ensure your assets and identity are secure. For Web3 implementations, the jointly developed Multichannel Wallet is critical infrastructure for your ecosystem.

Web3 Transformation Consulting

Every successful project needs people that understand how to bring all the pieces together. We work with clients to offer future state envisioning and project management for positive business results.

Data Management

Our partnerships include Protocol Labs, Inery, AWS and others as part of a scalable environment of Web2 and Web3 data management.

Custom Application Development, Web 2 and Web3

The team is an experienced group of blockchain and more traditional developers. We build complex technology solutions and focus on ease of use, speed and security.

Private Label – Building to Your Needs

We enable you to create a private label instance using our SDK and APIs. Or we help you all the way through the process. Whether you want to bring decentralized applications to your employees or activate a sales or marketing promotion, NexBloc can help you at every step including:

  • Project ideation and consulting
  • Custom decentralized applications
  • Audience awareness and promotion
  • Metrics and measurement

At the core is a great dDomain. Contact us for how to get started.


web3 network

If you have an idea for using Web3 and the new internet, we can bring a decentralized DNS and services to help you achieve your goals

Click Here to Request Information About Your Own Top-Level Domain

VetCoin Launches the .VETS dTLD Platform

vet coins
secure domain storage

Secure Domain Storage

Payment Address for wallets

Payment Address for Wallets

universal username on dDNS

Universal Username
Across Apps and Web

data ownership

Truly Own Your Data

blockchain URL

Blockchain URL

censorship free