Why every person on the planet should get a .lern bDomain

The Covid-19 pandemic sent shockwaves throughout society, but education and training were arguably hit harder than others. Remote learning became standard for most of the world. The alternative was to cease learning for the affected period – which is not an option in my belief. With Zoom classes and other remote learning systems, the data collected on students, teachers, parents, and the public is reaching new heights. Or depths depending on how you look at it. It is time to change the dynamic of how we own and share our data.

NexBloC is at the forefront of the blockchain DNS (bDNS) revolution by developing multi-chain systems to create linkages to the decentralized web. In Web 3.0, users have the tools to start taking control of their data, and we intend to accelerate that movement. By giving away .lern domain names, we are preparing the world for the personal management of data. Our partner, Avrilar, is driving better ways to learn by enabling mixed reality (MR) systems to be used for a better, immersive education system. With a .lern domain, users of a growing list of providers in MR can manage their identity and associated data with it rather than leave that information in a provider’s hands. Avrilar will be our first significant use case for .lern bDomains.

Unlike some platforms where the user is the product, .lern bDomain owners will connect to the decentralized web to store and secure their identity and associated data. To prepare for a future of data privacy, we believe that a hybrid blockchain such as the XinFin XDPoS hybrid network will future-proof the regulatory needs for geographic privacy laws. The .lern bDomain will start by using the XDC Network. Still, as we build bridges across chains, the ability to cross over and interconnect specific data points will increase the value to the user and the systems asking for access to that data.

A reservation system has been set up on NexBloC to give everyone a chance to register up to two (2) domains under .lern. Avrilar is subsidizing the cost of registering the domains, and once you acquire them, it is yours forever, free. Avrilar is also paying the gas fees to register on the XDC Network blockchain, so, unlike Ethereum based bDNS, there are no hidden gas fees once you reserve a bDomain. Over the next few months, the reserved bDomains will convert to domains on the blockchain, and users will be able to use them for other identity management systems such as wallets, etc. The process will be:

  • Reserve – Current Phase
  • Mint – Phase for minting onto the blockchain – Q1 2022
  • Manage – Providing tools to use the bDomains – beginning Q1 2022
  • Use – Expanding – Beyond to infinity

It is an exciting time for realizing the benefits of a decentralized web. With additional infrastructure coming online in the distributed computing space, the interconnected world of personal control is in your hands. We welcome all to join…for FREE.