Not just for the crypto elite, the Buy Credits Get Tokens sale from NexBloc allows anyone to participate with amounts as low as $100 and as high as $5000.

NexBloc has taken an unprecedented approach to engaging a community from the very first. We have given away free .lern domains and created a way for members to get our utility token, expected to be named $NEXB, at the lowest levels of a sale. By opening the Private Sale with Credits and a token equivalent value of $ .03 against the purchase, anyone can be part of the early allocation.

At NexBloc, we are committed to Data Democracy and the optimal usage of Web 3.0. Blockchain DNS is a core infrastructure component of the new internet. We are building toward a future where censorship is virtually non-existent and phishing, personal spoofing and other security risks toward our collective future are minimized. Yes, we can be compromised but that will mainly be from our personal failure to protect our data rather than the technology. We are even taking those risks down as we move to biometric authentication that questions why someone who may be thousands of miles away from you is trying to access your account. The future is about an authenticated “me” in charge of who we are and what data we create.

All of this leads to our belief that the people should be part of the best of a sale. We have made the ability for anyone to get the benefit of a bDNS solution and will continue to build the tools for the next generation of the internet.