The digital era continues to witness a revolutionary upsurge. Tech giants and digital experts are transcending from the known centralized system to a more open and decentralized system. Part of the digital revolution is the protection of individuals’ digital assets through Non-fungible tokens (NFT). Also, there is the metaverse: A virtual world that gives digitally immersive experience, like in real-life situations.

The said revolution also extended its touch to the gaming industry. Traditionally, those who profit from games are the creators/developers. Gamers only play for the fun of it. However, with the coming of the metaverse and NFT, gamers can now have an immersive digital experience playing their favorite game. They also get to earn through the minting of in-game digital assets as non-fungible tokens. This earning concept is referred to as play-to-earn (P2E), and it is all built on the blockchain ecosystem.

Metaverse and NFTs

The metaverse is simply identified as a 3D digital world. It provides users with unlimited digital possibilities for interaction, networking, and collaborations. The metaverse is backed by blockchain technology, which is fully decentralized and open to all. NFTs are unique digital assets like photos, digital arts, and more. These assets are identified with a unique token that is attached to their rightful owners.

Metaverse NFT Games

The metaverse and NFT are interconnected which helps promote a form of a financial model for game players and developers. Metaverse NFT games offer gamers the opportunity to earn while doing what they are good at.

The Metaverse provides them with an immersive experience, one similar to, but much broader than virtual experiences people are used to. One of the leading metaverse NFT games is Axie Infinity. The game characters in Axie Infinity are non-fungible tokens that possess unique strengths and attributes. This means players can also create their in-game assets and increase the value of their assets through gameplay.

Decentraland is another metaverse NFT game. Players can buy plots of land in decentral, using cryptocurrency. Upon purchase, it becomes their unique asset, which can also be sold to other players. Also, they can earn in-game assets which can easily be exchanged for money and other items of equal value.

Another metaverse NFT game is the Sandbox. It is a community-driven gaming ecosystem where designers and artists can create, share, and monetize NFT gaming experiences. All these games can be played with an immersive digital experience, while players have real-life feelings and also earn as they play.


Metaverse NFT games are built upon the blockchain ecosystem. The aim is to encourage a thriving gaming culture that paves the way to the generation of wealthy gamers and developers.

In ensuring the protection of players’ privacy and unrestricted ownership of metaverse NFT in-game assets, NexBloc stands as one of the leading entities helping to secure the identities and assets of players through a blockchain domain name system. The aim is to create a decentralized gaming culture that thrives on safety and transparency.

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