Be part of the BlocHead Community

Original BlocHeads are exclusively offered to the NexBloc Community as Staking and Participant Rewards.

Once they are earned, they can be resold or used as the owner decides.

wave head

Wave Head

Snowflake head

Snowflake Head

elephant head

Elephant Head

Tiger head

Tiger Head

Created for the decentralized community as the only NFT avatar tied to a blockchain domain

Blockchain domains represent many things from decentralized websites to wallet authentication of a user in Web 3.0. Each BlocHead is unique and can be used as an avatar for social media as well as a login security component for wallets.

The rise of digital art avatars such as Cryptopunks has shown that people want authenticity, uniqueness and a bit of cache when showing off their creds. BlocHeads are limited to 1000 units with the first 100 as one-of-a-kind visuals and the additional 900 as variations of an additional group. All unique but some completely singular.

Alexa Varano Art
Alexa Varano Art

Alexa Varano Art

As an artist, Alexa expands horizons. She is not one to be boxed or identified with any one particular area of art. Although her artistic handwriting holds true throughout her work, she moves through different realms of painting, portrait work, abstract work, figurative work, expressionism, and then a completely different layer of design with her brand Third Wolf Designs. The versatility of her work speaks to who she is as a person and the range that she carries inside.

Get a look at her work in this link